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sludge removal barge ysr

Glossary and Abbreviations, Phase I Uniform National ...

YSR sludge removal barge YTB large harbor tug YTL small harbor tug YTM medium harbor tug YTT torpedo trials craft YWN water barge GL-11 . Title: Glossary and Abbreviations, Phase I Uniform National Discharge Standards for Vessels of the Armed Forces, Technical Development Document

YOS - Oil Storage Barge

YOS is a non-self-propelled oil storage barge, 110 foot by 34 foot, built for transporting and disposal of deposited sludge removed from tanks of ships by a Sludge Removal Barge (YSR). Sludge is ...

YSR - District Barge, Sludge Removal (US Navy) | AcronymFinder

YSR stands for District Barge, Sludge Removal (US Navy) Suggest new definition. This definition appears very rarely and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories: Military and Government; See other definitions of YSR. Other Resources: We have 10 other meanings of YSR in our Acronym Attic.


32 · NAVSHIPSO NAVSEA Shipbuilding Support Office Norfolk Naval Shipyard Code 284, Bldg …

YSR - Sludge Removal Barge - All Acronyms

YSR means Sludge Removal Barge. YSR is an abbreviation for Sludge Removal Barge. Share this. Have you found the page useful? Please use the following to spread the word: About | Contact Us Link to Us iOS app | Android Popular Abbreviations Popular Categories.

U.S. Military Abbreviations & Acronyms: Y - RF Cafe

YRRN: Radiological Repair Barge YRS: Salvage Craft YSR: Sludge Removal Craft YSS: Service Submersible YTB: Large Harbor Tug YTL: Small Harbor Tug YTM: Medium Harbor Tug YTR: Fireboat YTS: Sail Training Craft YVS: Seaplane Service Craft YW: Water Lighter YWN: Water Barge YXR: Hulk or Relic YXT: Training Craft

Type B ship - Wikipedia

YSR. YSR are Sludge Removal Barges, a non-self-propelled sludge removal barge 110 foot long a 34 foot beam. Built for cleaning fuel oil or other tanks that have sludge and/or foreign matter. World War I barge types. Many World War I barges were used …

Naval Vessel Register - NO NAME (YSR 43)

NO NAME (YSR 43) (ex - YC 910) SLUDGE REMOVAL BARGE (N-S-P) VESSEL STATUS: Class: YSR 43: UIC: Status: Disposed of, by Navy Sale: Fleet: Date status Changed: 11/01/1975: Homeport: Maintenance Category: Berth: Force: Builder: MILESTONE DATES: Award Date: Commission Date: Keel Date: Inactivation Date: Launch Date: Decommission Date: Age (since ...

USS Intrepid (1904) - Wikipedia

Reacquired by the US Navy during World War II, she became Sludge Removal Barge YSR-42 at Pearl Harbor and as such was employed during the salvage of USS Oklahoma. Returned to commercial service after the war, she was wrecked on the …

YSR Definición: Barcaza retiro de lodos - Sludge Removal Barge

Puede haber más de una definición de YSR, así que échale un vistazo en nuestro diccionario para todos los significados de YSR uno por uno. Definición en Inglés: Sludge Removal Barge Otros significados de YSR

Ship Abbreviations and Symbols

YSR -- sludge removal barge (non-self-propelled). YSP -- stowage pontoon. YT -- harbor tug. YTB -- large harbor tug. YTL -- small harbor tug. YTM -- medium harbor tug. YTT -- torpedo testing barge. YV -- drone aircraft catapult control craft (self-propelled); or seaplane barge. YVC -- catapult lighter. YW -- water barge (self-propelled).

HyperWar: Beans, Bullet and Black Oil [Appendix]

YSR Sludge-removal barge. YT Harbor tug. *YTB Harbor tugs, big. These tugs, 100 feet in length, with a 25-foot beam, are rated as having 800 to 1,200 horsepower. *YTL Harbor tugs, little. Rated at from 200 to 300 horsepower, they are for the most part about 66 feet long and have a beam of about 17 feet. *YTM Harbor tugs, medium.

YSR - Sludge Removal Barge (Non Self-Propelled ...

How is Sludge Removal Barge (Non Self-Propelled) abbreviated? YSR stands for Sludge Removal Barge (Non Self-Propelled). YSR is defined as Sludge Removal Barge (Non …

SECNAVINST 530.1L - Alternate Wars

Oil Storage Barge. YOS. Sludge Removal Barge. YSR. Water Barge. YWN. e. Other Craft (1) Self-propelled. Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle. DSRV. Deep Submergence Vehicle ... Repair, Berthing and Messing Barge. YRBM. Floating Dry Dock Workshop (Hull) YRDH. Floating Dry Dock Workshop (Machine) YRDM. Radiological Repair Barge ...

Other Wartime Pacific Coast Boatbuilders

Shipbuilder: Location: Owner: Type: Type # LDT: LOA : Built: Disposition: California : Aetna Iron & Steel: San Diego CA: US Navy: Sludge Barge: YSR: 9: 75: 95: 1943 ...

Transport of Sewage Sludge - EPA

Transport of liquid and dewatered sludge by truck and rail and liquid sludge by barge and pipeline is included. The report contains the method used in preparing the cost data and the data is organized to facilitate manual calculation of total transport costs for a variety of conditions. The data includes the installed cost for each system ...

YSR - Sludge Removal Barge (non Self-propelled) (lighter ...

The most common shorthand of "Sludge Removal Barge (non Self-propelled) (lighter)" is YSR. You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word YSR in term. Page Link


YRB Repair and Berthing Barge 、 YRBM Repair, Berthing, and Messing Barge 、、 ... YSR Sludge Removal Barge YTB Large Tug YTL Small Tug YTT Torpedo Trials Craft YW Water Barge


The ship in the foreground is the sludge removal barge YSR-42, formerly the sail training ship Intrepid. Although her rig is gone and the upper decks have been cut down, the distinctive orna-mentation on her bow and the arrangement of hawsepipes and ports confirms …

Designation Systems

Apr 24, 1998· YSR : Sludge Removal Barge YTB : Large Harbour Tug YTL : Little Harbour Tug YTM : Medium Harbour Tug YTT : Torpedo Testing Barge YW : Water Barge 2. United Kingdom / The British Empire 2.1 Aircraft 2.1.1 The 1918 Designation system. The 1918 system was based on the meaning of names as codewords. It was used until 1927.

Dredging Barge Full Of Sludge Sinks Into The Incredibly ...

Jan 27, 2021· Dredging Barge Full Of Sludge Sinks Into The Incredibly Toxic Gowanus Canal José Rodríguez Jr. 1/27/2021 Asian woman, 65, knocked down, repeatedly kicked …

YSR - Sludge Removal Barge

YSR - Sludge Removal Barge. YSR is a non-self-propelled sludge removal barge 110 foot long by 34 foot beam, designed for use in cleaning fuel oil or other tanks or compartments of any type of ...


1 x sludge removal barge: YSR-2: 3 x yard tugs: BANAAG (YT-104), IONA (YT-107), MERCEDES (YT-108) 1 x water lighter: YW-54: None of these district vessels had crews permanently assigned; many were non-self propelled.

Casualties Navy and Coast Guard Ships - Continued

Barge, Sludge Removal (YSR) YSR-2 lost due to enemy action in the Philippine Islands and stricken from the Navy List, 24 July 1942. Harbor Tug (YT) USS Banaag (YT-104) lost due to enemy action in the Philippine Islands and stricken from the Navy List, 24 July 1942. USS Iona (YT-107) sunk by Japanese aircraft at Cavite, Luzon, Philippine Islands,

【ysr】_ysr______ …

: (CBCL)(YSR), .2009,12(43):. ... YSR Sludge Removal Barge

X:IGNI S'I:ISS:IA 'IYAYN ·s - ibiblio

YCD - Fueling Barge YOG - Gasoline Barge YO - Fuel-oil Barge YOS - Oil Storage Barge YPK -Pontoon Storage Barge YS - Stevedoring Barge YSR -Sludge Removal Barge YTT -Torpedo Testing Barge YW - Water Barge LIGHTERS Y A - Ash Lighter YC - Open Lighter YCK · - Open Cargo Lighter YCV -Aircraft Transport Lighter YF - Covered Lighter YFT - Torp'edo ...

US Navy Ship Classification Symbols

YSR: Sludge Removal Barge: YTB: Large Harbor Tug: YTL: Small Harbor Tug: YTM: Medium Harbor Tug: YTT: Torpedo Trials Ship: YV: Drone Aircraft Catapult Control Craft: YW: Water Barge (self-propelled) YWN: Water Barge (non self-propelled) back to top.

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