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advsantages of vinyl wall covering

Vinyl Wallcoverings - AZoM

10/31/2001· Vinyl wallcoverings are more resistant to scratching and tearing than alternate coverings. Typically, vinyl wallcoverings last three to five times longer than other surface treatments, such as paint. Low-cost maintenance consists of cleaning with mild detergent to remove accumulated dirt, grease and most stains without damage.

Vinyl wallcovering - Vescom B.V.

Vinyl wallcovering offers a great level of protection. It can be much better cleaned and disinfected than painted walls, a factor that's particularly important in high-traffic, high-turnover spaces. Taking hygiene even further is Vescom Protect. Vescom Protect is wallcovering that can withstand intense cleaning and disinfecting without losing its beauty.

The Advantages of Using Vinyl Wall Covering in Your Home ...

4/1/2017· One of the greatest benefits to using vinyl wall covering is that it is easy to clean and maintain. The cleaning procedure is a simple wiping of the wall with a damp rag to leave it new and fresh. Traditional wall covering can stain easily; however, the water resistance of the vinyl wallpaper removes the chance of staining or stains soaking into the covering.

Vinyl wallpaper on non-woven base (52 photos): …

Modern vinyl wallpapers on non-woven base are very popular among buyers. Their wide range allows you to choose the most suitable option for each type of interior. What are the advantages and disadvantages of wall coverings of this type of finishing materials should be considered when choosing to create a truly unique design?

Benefits of Vinyl Wallpaper - Wallpaper Installation ...

5/22/2014· The vinyl coating gives this wallpaper a water-resistant finish. It can be installed in areas that are typically too moist for traditional wallpaper, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Grease and dirt usually won't pose a problem for these durable papers, so you can install them almost anywhere in your home or business.

What are the Pros and Cons of Vinyl Upholstery Fabric?

2/6/2021· One of the biggest advantages of going with vinyl upholstery fabric is how easily the material can be kept clean. Unlike leather, which typically requires specific types of cleaning agents to clean spills and other dirt from the surface of the material, a wide range of common products can be used with the vinyl.

7 Surprising Benefits Of Wall Coverings

9/12/2018· Each vinyl wallcovering enhances the look of a room and reinforces your brand, logo, color, or slogan. It creates a lasting impression, so visitors remember your products, services, and place of business better than those guys down the street.

Vescom Vinyl Wall-coverings | Long Lasting

Vinyl wallcoverings are colour fast and resistant to general everyday wear and tear. Rooms with high-activity can really benefit from a vinyl wallcovering; scratchproof and impact-resistant, these wallcoverings make the perfect surface for any room and environment.

What are the Pros and Cons of Vinyl Upholstery Fabric?

2/6/2021· One of the biggest advantages of going with vinyl upholstery fabric is how easily the material can be kept clean. Unlike leather, which typically requires specific types of cleaning agents to clean spills and other dirt from the surface of the material, a wide range …


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12 Unusual Wall Covering Options - The Spruce

Wainscotting is any wall covering that extends only part way up the wall. Traditionally, a wainscot rises to a level about one-third of the total height of the wall—about 32 inches on an 8-foot (96-inch) wall. The top of the wainscot is often bounded by a chair rail molding. It is also possible, though, to make very high wainscoting, a common treatment in dining rooms or dens.

Vinyl Wallpapers | Excellent Quality Vinyl Wallcoverings

Vinyl wallpaper ticks both the style and substance boxes. Providing durability, as well as aesthetic appeal, vinyl wallpaper is the perfect blend of fabulous and functional. One of the most advantageous aspects of vinyl wallpaper is its longevity.

Different Types of Wall Coverings Available for Your …

Ideal locations for this type of wallpaper include hallways, landings, a child's room, staircases, and any areas that are prone to contact, brushing, and scraping as due to their hard wearing nature they're less likely to become damaged and are easily cleaned.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fabric Wallcovering ...

1/28/2015· There are several advantages hen your wallcovering has a lower paper percentage. You can scrub it, it is easy to maintain, has increased durability, and is more sanitary. You should also consider the environment where your fabric wallcovering is found.

Rigid Vinyl Wall Coverings Protek System

Protek rigid vinyl wall covering reduces maintenance and protects walls from moving equipment, carts, and pedestrian traffic. The rigid PVC wall panels are available in several thicknesses and 66 standard colors to match any interior design.

Types and Usage - Wallcoverings Association (WA)

These types of wallcoverings are very durable since the decorative surface is a solid sheet of vinyl. They are classified as scrubbable and peelable. Fabric Backed Vinyl – wallcoverings that have a woven substrate of fabric or a nonwoven synthetic substrate. In either case, the substrate is laminated to a solid vinyl decorative surface.

The Pros and Cons of Plastic Wall Panels and Their Uses …

Wall covering has evolved a lot in last decades and a few materials are today a lot more used than others. Without any doubt, the most popular wall covering material is wallpaper. It is easy to apply, durable and cost-effective, a most individuals chose this product even though it is of medium quality.

Vinyl Wallcoverings - AZoM

10/31/2001· One of the decorative advantages of vinyl wallcovering is its ability to hold texture when it is embossed, whereas embossing is not permanent on a paper …

Four new designs vinyl wallcovering - Vescom B.V.

advantages of vinyl wallcovering Vinyl is a material with a range of functional properties. In combination with a cotton backing, it is exceptionally strong, durable, lightfast and colourfast and can resist scratches and impacts. It can be applied seamlessly and is easy to take care of.

8 Reasons You Need Healthcare Vinyl In Your Medical ...

3/1/2017· Vinyl products are incredibly affordable, especially considering the long-list of benefits they offer. 8. Healthcare Vinyl is Sustainable. You may be surprised to learn that a lot of vinyl material is easy to recycle and a large portion of healthcare grade vinyl material contains recycled content.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wallpaper Vs Paint ...

People are always thinking whether they should go for wallpaper or paint when decorating our house. Let's study the pro and cons between the two in this article.

Vinyl wallpaper on non-woven base (52 photos): …

Like any other products, vinyl non-woven wallpaper has its advantages and disadvantages. Their main advantages are considered to be: moisture resistance; strength; durability; wide range of; vapor permeability; resistance to ultraviolet rays; masking properties; ease …

Wallcovering versus Paint | DoItYourself

The vinyl wallcovering is a great solution to a kitchen or bathroom wall where you will need to scrub more often. The beauty that a wallcovering can bring a room makes is versatile enough to use just about anywhere. There are many different styles and designs to …

Vinyl wallpaper on non-woven base (52 photos): …

Vinyl wallpaper on non-woven base are characterized by impeccable quality. The composition of non-woven fabric includes cellulose fibers, which are tightly fastened together by a special polymer composition. This manufacturing technology allows you to create a truly durable and durable wallpaper for walls with the most advanced parameters.

Know Your Wall Coverings | The Interior Factory

8/9/2012· vinyl with paper back wall coverings This product corrects the flaw of paper wallpaper. Due to its vinyl coating this type of wallpaper becomes easily washable and gives additional strength to …

Vinyl Floor Covering - wall covering, maintenance, design ...

Vinyl Wall Covering Benefits A vinyl wall covering is a good choice for areas where a lot of traffic or wear is expected. When it gets dirty, it is easy to clean and can handle vigorous scrubbing. It can keep its original appearance for a very long time, and if damage does occur, it is not difficult to fix.

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