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epdm deck waterproofing membrane installation

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Proper waterproofing for a roof deck involves installing an EPDM membrane and flashing around deck supports and rail penetrations. This is often accomplished using EPDM boots that fit over the openings. EPDM is a rubber like sheet used for waterproofing surfaces. Roofs should be sloped about 1/4" every 12" to shed water.

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The EPDM membrane sheet is a single-ply membrane that can be used for various applications such as waterproofing of basements, roofs/terraces, expansion joints, wet areas (toilet blocks), facades, etc. It is a single product that can be used for waterproofing most parts of a building. The EPDM waterproofing membranes …

Site-Built Deck Drainage System - Fine Homebuilding

Dec 06, 2016· diverter piece of EPDM directs water flowing out of the sheets laying across the joists into the gutter. Derek and Nick fabricated a deck drainage system from a roll of 45-mil EPDM. We used a modified version of the system I wrote about in an FHB article a while back. The FHB House has a walk-out basement under the deck.

How to Install DekTek Tile™ Concrete Roof Deck Tiles Over ...

Nov 22, 2019· DekTek Tile™ is thrilled to share, How to Install DekTek Tile™ Roof Deck over EPDM Rubber Membrane! This stunning roof deck was installed by DekTek™ PRO Nort...

How To Waterproof A Deck (With EPDM Pond Liner) || Dr ...

Mar 24, 2020· It's not just for ponds anymore.Want to learn how to bend decking? Check this out: with us:https://

Building a floating deck on an epdm rubber roof surface

Decking on EPDM by: Art in the Rockies Thanks for the info. I am in the same situation with a deck over an enclosed pool. The only thing is that my deck is about 1200 square feet over epdm. Unfortunately we don't have great slope on the surface. From the house to the edge of the deck …

Waterproofing Your Roof Deck With a TPO Membrane: PROs ...

While having a roof deck is a great way to increase living/entertaining space, one of the biggest issues that many homeowners experience is frequent leaks. Properly waterproofing a roof deck is often a challenge, because the materials used most frequently, either EPDM …

EPDM Membrane Waterproofing

EPDM membrane is a lightweight, durable and weatherproof single-ply waterproofing membrane perfect for a wide variety of applications. It is an effective and high performance waterproofing system for contemporary structures, a waterproofing mission. Also, it has exceptional elasticity and will not split or crack under normal building movement.


waterproof separator membrane shall be placed between the non-treated lumber and the deck. I. Installation of Wood Nailers By Others Make these specifications and details available when nailers are to be installed by others. Work that compromises the integrity of the roof system may jeopardize the roof warranty. J. For Additional Information

Vinyl Deck Membranes - Cost Effective Waterproofing ...

Vinyl Deck Membranes from Duradek™ Bring Low-Maintenance Waterproof Protection for Decks & Flat Roofs. Our Vinyl Deck & Roof Deck Membranes provide long-lasting, low-maintenance waterproof protection and an attractive pedestrian deck surface in one single product solution. It allows outdoor living space to be a place of leisure, not labor.

Specifying and detailing a roof, deck or basement ...

Roofing membranes can also be used to waterproof car decks, warm roofs, green . roofs and internal gutters even if the roofing material is not of the same material, for example, a long-run metal roof draining into a membrane gutter. Decking membranes . Decking membranes can be torch-on modi-fied bitumen, PVC, butyl/EPDM or a liquid-applied system.

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Posts inside the deck frame are a problem for all manufactured and site-built underdeck drainage systems. A feature board only needs 2x blocks placed on the flat dimension and toe-screwed/nailed to the joists. I place the membrane and then install the blocking between joists. The epdm is pinched between the block ends and the joists.

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Design W-A; EPDM Waterproofing Specification For Decks ...

.2 Membrane installation. .3 Membrane flashing. 1.2 Related Work Under Other Sections .1 [Steel, concrete, wood] deck, foundation, wall 1.3 Description .1 Furnish and install an adhesive adhered EPDM waterproofing system and related accessories in strict accordance with specifications and details approved by the waterproofing system supplier.

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waterproofing membranes for every type of roof construction, in a variety of installation options. Waterproofing membranes can only be as good as the materials from which they are made. RESITRIX® unites in one unique combination of materials the excellent properties of EPDM with the proven benefits of high-

Carlisle Sure-Seal EPDM Waterproofing Membrane - General ...

Installation. Sure-Seal 45-, 60- and 90-mil membranes are primarily utilized in Design A, Fully Adhered Roofing System/Waterproofing Systems. The substrate and membrane are coated with Carlisle Bonding Adhesive. The membrane is then rolled into place and broomed down. SecurTAPE and HP-250 Primer are applied to the splice area.

Using PVC Roofing for Flat Roof Deck Waterproofing

Most of the time, a builder or contractor will opt for the first thing that comes to mind, as a waterproofing choice – EPDM rubber roof. The problem with using rubber roof material is that it relies on glue to remain watertight, and glue will break down after a number of years, requiring a complete disassembly of the floating deck, repair to the rubber, and then rebuilding the deck on top.

Under-Deck Drainage Systems | Building Advisor

I would use a PVC or other plastic/waterproof material for the ceiling. Remember, this is a gutter system, not a waterproof roof deck. If you want a truly waterproof deck, with living space below, you really need to build a sloped roof, cover it with EPDM or another single-ply membrane, then install the decking …

Installation Manual - Water Tight Tech

Q - Can I put a deck over an EPDM roof? A - Yes. See Figure 32 and 33 in this manual. Q - Can I install outdoor carpet over a RUBBERALL® EPDM roof? A - Yes. The best method is to fully adhere the carpet using an exterior grade carpet adhesive. Q - Can I adhere EPDM to concrete or wood? A - Yes. Both substrates should be free of splinters ...

How to installing a deck over waterproof membrane ...

Oct 02, 2013· This video outlines how to installation of a floating deck using our composite decking board and revolutionary decking frame system over a waterproof membra...

Carlisle EPDM Membrane Installation Guidelines - RCABC ...

Sure-Seal EPDM (ethylene, propylene, diene monomer) elastomeric membrane is the key component used in Carlisle roofing and waterproofing systems. The membrane is applied in large sheets to reduce field seams. Exceptional long-term elasticity permits the material to withstand normal building movement without cracking or tearing.

RubberGard™ Platinum™ EPDM Membrane

RubberGard Platinum EPDM is a 90-mil synthetic rubber membrane designed for long-term waterproofing performance when used in a fully adhered roof system application. Like other Firestone EPDM membranes, RubberGard Platinum EPDM offers proven long-term performance since its first installation in 1986. RubberGard Platinum EPDM offers 90 mil of


For new construction over poured-in-place decks or fill, and all recover projects, a waterproof separator membrane shall be placed between the non-treated lumber and the deck. G. INSTALLATION OF WOOD NAILERS BY OTHERS 1. Make these specifications and details available when nailers are to be installed by others. 2.

EPDM ROOFING HANDBOOK - Conservation Technology

characteristics for a roofing membrane. EPDM will remain flexible throughout the coldest winters, it won't crack or dry out in the hottest summers, and it will withstand permanently ponded water. It is ideal for roofs with poor drainage or where the waterproofing is to be covered by gravel, soil, decks, or pavers.

How to Install EPDM Membrane: A Quick Guide for Homeowners ...

Apr 25, 2019· An EPDM membrane is going to have been sitting in a particular position for some time during packing and delivery, which means that it might not be in the right condition to install straightaway. It is important that you give your membrane a chance to rest before you begin the installation process.

How to install Vinyl Decking Membrane | Weatherdek

The fact that these products serve as waterproofing materials makes the installation extremely important. Weatherdek membranes must be installed with waterproofing and roofing procedures in mind, and only by fully qualified Weatherdek Applicators.

Decking options for rooftop decks - Dec-Tec

Jan 12, 2019· Many roof top patios are built using various roofing applications as the first waterproofing layer with the addition of walkable deck surface over-top. An example of this might be using a roofing membrane, such as EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer), for your first layer which will provide your waterproofing.

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