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blue stain pine paneling

The biology behind blue stain in beetle kill pine ...

Mar 14, 2014· The symptoms and signs of blue stain fungus are a blue-gray discoloration of sapwood in wedge shapes of recently killed trees. Trees of which we harvest sustainably to hand craft our Blue Stain Pine Flooring and wall paneling. The discoloration arises from …

Sierra Pacific Industries 6 in. x 72 in. Blue Stain Pine ...

The blue pine looks great as an accebt wall in the front room. Very easy connect and put up with just a finishing nailer. I had never done a project with tongue in groove before or a wood accent wall and i finished about 90% by myself in just a few hours, and a little bit …

Natural Blue Stained Pine Wood Paneling : Buffalo Lumber.

When I sent the samples of the knotty blue stain pine paneling to Krystal and Chad they loved the color so much they ordered the blue pine paneling finished with our 2 coat Clear Urethane "Peace of Mind" finish for protection and ease of cleanup. The Wood Species - Ponderosa Pine with blue stain …

Blue Stain Pine: Blue Stain Lumber & Beetle Kill Pine | RMFP

May 8, 2019 - Explore Ehemmy's board "Blue Stain Pine" on Pinterest. See more ideas about blue stain, beetle kill pine, stain on pine.

Rescued Blue-Stained Pine Lumber

Jun 05, 2012· Our Blue-Stained Pine is most often used as siding, paneling, and flooring. The Pine is a softwood and will scuff easily as flooring. Some people love this effect and will intentionally markup the floor. There's a story of a rancher who walked horses over his floor for a Pioneer flooring effect.

Blue Stain | Pine Beetle Lumber Products | Wholesale Blue ...

The pine beetle outbreak in Colorado has brought a lot of attention back to using Blue Stain in many different building applications. There seems to be a lot of confusion on what Blue Stain is and what it can be used for. Although the Blue Stain comes from a fungus, it does not in any way alter the structural integrity of the wood.

Beetle Kill Blue Stain Pine Lumber in Fort Collins

Jan 03, 2018· These pieces will have the unique blue hue which can often appear grey, purple, and a variety of different shades created from the fungus passed to the tree from the mountain pine beetle. These varying shades allow wood projects completed with blue stain pine to exists in a natural state without any stain or paint to modify the color of the wood.

Mountain Heart Woodworks – Colorado Beetle Kill Pine ...

We work closely with loggers in the high country of the Colorado Rockies who harvest dead standing Beetle Kill Pine, Douglas Fir, Ponderosa Pine, Spruce, and Aspen Logs. These logs are hauled off to our Sawmill where we process your order on our Baker Blue Streak horizontal bandsaw mill. If you are purchasing Tongue and Groove or Shiplap ...

67 Blue Pine ideas | beetle kill pine, stain on pine, blue ...

Oct 17, 2017 - Explore Sharon Fewkes's board "Blue Pine" on Pinterest. See more ideas about beetle kill pine, stain on pine, blue stain.

Campground Blue Pine Flooring & Paneling

Campground Blue Pine is a unique and beautiful material for flooring, wall and ceiling paneling, and furniture. Sustainable Northwest Wood is proud to partner with small mills that are salvaging beetle-killed pine trees from public parks, campgrounds, and private property where the dead standing trees pose a hazard to humans.

Blue Pine - Sustainable Northwest Wood

May 31, 2017· Blue pine is ideal for interior applications including wall and ceiling paneling and furniture. While it is softer than some other types of wood, with the proper care it can also be used as a durable, cost-effective, and all-natural option for flooring.

The 21 Best Blue Stain Wood - Gabe & Jenny Homes

Best Blue Wood Stain Ideas Pinterest Red Best Blue Wood Stain Ideas Pinterest Red 11. Blue Pine Paneling Sustainable Lumber Company Blue Pine Paneling Sustainable Lumber Company 12. Springfield Plateau Beetle Wood Springfield Plateau Beetle Wood 13. Light Blue Wood Texture Pixshark Light Blue Wood Texture Pixshark 14. Wood Stain Blue Pdf ...

Blue Stained or Denim Pine | Cline Lumber

Jul 10, 2020· We are located in Northwest Georgia, just south of Chattanooga and Cleveland, Tennessee. In recent years we have worked diligently to improve the quality and selection of our specialty wood trim, v-groove lumber, wide plank flooring and other custom mill work.

Beetle Kill (Blue Stain) Pine | T&G Shiplap Ceiling & Wall ...

Milled from premium-grade, Solid Knotty Beetle Kill Pine (aka Blue Stain Pine) to precise tolerances, these planks are available unfinished (raw wood) or pre-finished with a hard, satin sheen coating and UV cured for a super smooth surface with extreme durability.

Blue Stain Pine Lumber - Grimes Hardwoods

Blue Stain Pine Lumber . Longleaf and slash pine are classed as heavy (38-451bs./cult.), strong, stiff, hard, and moderately high in shock resistance. ... posts, joists, and piles. Other clear grades of southern pine are used for furniture, millwork paneling, finish and a number of other specialty items. Lumber of lower grades is used in boxes ...

Blue-Stained Pine Pros and Cons - WOODWEB

A lot of my shop is built with blue standard pine, framing and paneling. The only property I'm aware of is the toughness property that blue fungus/stain messes with. The wood dents easier, as in more hammer dings. I have seen folks use blue pine for flooring and more high-heel marks, not a good choice.

Blue Stain Pine - Sears Trostel

Common Uses: A readily-available supply of Blue Stain Pine make it an affordable alternative to other types of Pine, Fir or Spruce. It's coloring makes it a unique and beautiful choice for wide variety of applications like wall and ceiling paneling, flooring, interior trim moulding, cabinetry, mantels, furniture, picture frames and more.

What Do I Finish My Pine Boards With So They Don't Yellow?

Pine is one of the most common woods used in American homes. Most pine species appear naturally yellow, although they can appear beige at a glance. Preventing pine from yellowing beyond its fresh-cut state is almost impossible, but common oil-based polyurethane can give finished pine …

Blue Pine Paneling | Emmer Brothers Cedar

Blue Pine Tongue & Groove Paneling #3 Blue/Wormy Knotty Ponderosa Pine. Sometimes called, "Beetle-Kill" pine, blue-pine is a unique choice when considering a rustic interior paneling. Each piece is unique with varying amounts of color and worm-holes. #3 grade is a lower grade, so 15% minimum trim/waste allowance is recommended when figuring ...

The Best Clearance Items From The Woodworkers Shoppe

Blue = (BlueWood, Blue Paneling, Blue Stain) The natural drying process that causes slight discoloration of bluish-gray streaks in the wood and does not effect the quality or life of the wood. This is a seasonal and very unique product and once it's sold out, it can usually not be expected to be in supply until mid to late summer.

Beetle Kill Pine Lumber for Walls & Floors - Sustainable ...

T&G Blue Pine Wall Planks & Paneling; T&G Blue Stain Pine Flooring – Smooth or Hand Scraped; Also available in our prefinished Skiplap Wall Cladding, click here for more info; More Information: What is Beetle Kill Pine? Architecture & Design Specifications; Wall Paneling Installation. Wood Floor Installation & Maintenance

Discount Paneling - Knotty Pine | Value Line Paneling

The same wood shop showing an Installation Video of Value-Line Paneling. Blue Stain. Blue Stain Discount Paneling is another highly sought after product of ours. (BlueWood, Blue Paneling, Blue Stain) is the natural drying process that causes a slight discoloration of gray-bluish streaks in the wood and does not effect the quality or life of the wood.

What Is The Best Finish For Pine (Furniture, Floor & Wall)

Jun 27, 2019· Blue Pine. This type of pine has a bluish hue that can also appear to look brownish or grayish in color. This is caused by a dark fungus that lives on the wood. It is very strong and well-known for its high load-bearing capability. Finishing this wood can be challenging, as it tends to retain that blue color even after staining.

1 in. x 6 in. x 10 ft. 3 and Better Blue Stain WP4/#116 ...

Hi Chris, it looks like this 1 in. x 6 in. x 10 ft. Blue Stain Pine WP4/#116 Tongue & Groove Board is a store exclusive item and only able to be bought in a Home Depot …


Add the natural stains of Blue stained pine, and you have character and color in the same product. « Ponderosa Pine Tongue and Groove : Pine paneling is one of the most inexpensive yet beatiful ways to add a special touch to a room, be it on the ceiling or on the walls.

Beetle Kill Pine Lumber for Walls & Floors - Sustainable ...

T&G Blue Pine Wall Planks & Paneling; T&G Blue Stain Pine Flooring – Smooth or Hand Scraped; Also available in our prefinished Skiplap Wall Cladding, click here for more info; More Information: What is Beetle Kill Pine? Architecture & Design Specifications; Wall Paneling Installation. Wood Floor Installation & …

TorZo Surfaces: Blue Stain Pine Natural | Material ...

Content: Acrylic-infused Blue Stain Pine veneer with a with a 0.5in Birch substrate Finish: Filled and sanded for a smoth surface but will not include a final protective coat pre-applied. A hard sealer top coat, like catalyzed lacquer, varnish, or polyurethane, should be applied to all six sides.

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