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composite concrete floor design

Ce 479 Fall 05-Composite-Floor Decks

Design Criteria for Concrete Slab in Composite Steel Deck Floors • Section 5.1 SDI (page 52 Vulcraft catalog) – The composite slab shall be designed as a reinforced concrete slab with the steel deck acting as the positive reinforcement. Slabs shall be designed as simple or continuous spans under uniform loads

Example I-1 Composite Beam Design

Example I-1 Composite Beam Design Given: A series of 45-ft. span composite beams at 10 ft. o/c are carrying the loads shown below. The beams are ASTM A992 and are unshored. The concrete has f′c = 4 ksi. Design a typical floor beam with 3 in. 18 gage composite deck, and 4½ in. normal weight concrete above the deck, for fire protection and mass.

ETABS - 16 Composite Beam Design: Watch & Learn - YouTube

Learn about the ETABS 3D finite element based building analysis and design program and how it can be used to design composite beams, including the determinat...

Design of composite slabs with profiled steel decking: a ...

Sep 03, 2012· In Composite steel structures: advances, design and construction. Edited by: Narayanan R. Elsevier, London; 1987. Google Scholar 13. Makelainen P, Sum Y: The longitudinal shear behaviour of a new steel sheeting profile for composite floor slabs. Journal of Constructional Steel Research 1999, 49: 117–128. 10.1016/SX(98)


Work in a variety of materials (steel, composite steel, concrete, wood, masonry) in an intuitive floor-by-floor environment. Concrete Floor Design RISAFloor ES allows for an integrated design approach to concrete floor systems, including optimization of rebar, …

302.1R-04 Guide for Concrete Floor and Slab Construction

CONCRETE FLOOR AND SLAB CONSTRUCTION 302.1R-3 The design of slabs-on-ground should conform to the recommendations of ACI 360R. Refer to ACI 223 for procedures for the design and construction of shrinkage-compensating concrete slabs-on-ground. The design of suspended floors should conform to requirements of ACI 318 and ACI 421.1R.

(PDF) Composite Floor Slab Design and Construction

A composite floor system also is known as a composite beam is made of steel beam, steel sheeting with in situ reinforced concrete, and shear connectors which will have a very important role is ...

Composite Slab Design And Products | O'Donnell Metal Deck

For composite steel deck-slab, you'll find concrete placed over composite floor deck, in which the steel acts as a support structure for the concrete's entire life. A composite steel deck combines compression strength of concrete and the tensile strength of steel to reduce amount of materials needed and to improve design efficiency.

UL Designs & Thickness — Floor Assemblies | Resource | GCP ...

Mar 31, 2021· Why concrete performance is key; Why fireproofing is critical to safety; Protection with floor moisture barriers; How injection materials stop leaks; How in-transit concrete management ensures high quality concrete; How cement additives increase durability; Why precast concrete needs to be durable; What goes into concrete mix designs

The evolution of composite flooring systems: applications ...

Apr 01, 2019· Research advances in lightweight and shallow composite flooring systems • Limited standardised rules for the design of composite flooring systems appear in EC4. • Recent research focuses on the shear-transfer mechanisms between the steel and concrete. • Limitation factors drive the application of different composite flooring systems. •

Floor Deck - Metal Deck Direct

1-1/2" deep composite floor deck panels are primarily used for pouring concrete slabs. The embossments formed into the sides of all composite decks aid in the adhering of your concrete pour, adding strength to your flooring applications. The 20 gauge thickness is in stock, but 22, 18, and 16 gauge material is available.

(PDF) Design of Timber-Concrete Composite Floors for Fire ...

A design method has been proposed for timber-concrete composite floor systems with different types of connections. With the input of floor geometry, material properties, loading conditions and

STRUCTURE magazine | A Practical Design for Thin Composite ...

Composite Slab Design And Products | O'Donnell Metal Deck

Composite Construction - Concrete Flooring Solutions

Apr 27, 2020· Composite Construction from Concrete Flooring Solutions Our team regularly designs and installs composite metal decking in commercial properties across the UK. whether you're the owner of a retail establishment or require composite construction for a multi-storey car park or similar area, we have the experience and technology to get the job ...

Practical Implementation of Composite Floor Designs - YouTube

Apr 07, 2016· Learn more about this webinar including accessing the course slides and receiving PDH credit at https://

Design of steel-concrete composite beam of the floor structure

with a small instruction. The program provides a design of the composite beam. As it was told earlier, the composite flooring system has been designed at first for non-residential building. A widespread composite flooring system is a concrete slab resting upon downstand steel I-beams (see figure 1.2). Collaboration of steel and concrete

Introduction to Composite Construction Advantages of ...

• A steel beam which is made composite by using shear connectors, composite metal decking and concrete is much stronger and stiffer than thecomposite metal decking and concrete is much stronger and stiffer than the base beam alone • Composite floor systems are considered by many to be the highest quality type of construction 3 type of ...

Construction of elevated concrete slabs

A floor can be flat and level, or flat but not level, or lev-el but not flat, or level and flat but not at the specified eleva t i o n . This article discusses effects of design and construction methods on slab levelness and elevation con-t r ol during and after constru c t i o n . Effects of concrete placing and fin-ishing operations on floor ...

Types of Construction Loads on Composite Slabs and Calculation

If the composite slab is load prior to the age of 28 days, then the strength of concrete should be estimated though testing concrete whether it is cylinder or cube samples. In the design, objects that comprise construction loads after concreting are placed …

Structural Considerations for Openings in Composite Floor ...

Aug 11, 2020· General Design Information Composite floors consist of a concrete topping cast onto a metal deck. The topping can be light-weight or normal-weight concrete. The steel deck is a cold-formed corrugated steel sheet that spans between steel joists or beams and serves a dual purpose.


structures. Reinforced concrete with profiled sheets as permanent shuttering is exactly such an example. 3.1. The structure The flooring composite slab is made of concrete, steel reinforcement and profiled sheets T-153 (Ruukki) serving as a permanent formwork. The slab rests on steel T-beams with flanges oriented in the bottom.

Fessler & Bowman, Inc.: PrīmX

The first jointless concrete floor with no saw cuts, PrīmX is a steel fiber-reinforced, no-shrink concrete flooring system. PrīmX contains steel fibers and two types of add mixtures combined with ready-mix concrete to create a composite material.

Composite Floor Trusses, Design Considerations and ...

Composite floor trusses Supporting composite wide rib floor deck and a concrete cover slab were used successfully on a 51 story high-rise building, "Le 1000 de La Gauchetière" located in Montreal. The steel structural proposal for the building was selected in a competitive design build tender over several alternate concrete structural solutions.


4 V1.0 • Composite and Non-Composite Design Guide Non-composite deck 6 inch depth, 12 inch coverage 14 foot to 25 foot Span Range No Acustadek® Option Allows for longest unshored spans For use when metal deck is used as a leave in place form

Suspended Garage Slab from Design-Build Specialists ...

Using a composite steel and concrete design the floor slab can be thinner than conventional residential suspended slab systems. This results in a cost savings in concrete of 25-50%. More head room. Composite steel members do not have to be as deep allowing for …


1. Concrete thickness is thickness of slab above deck, in. 3. Deck finish shall be galvanized 2. Refer to the U.L. "Fire Resistance Directory" for the necessary construction details. FLOOR-CEILING ASSEMBLIES WITH COMPOSITE DECK


A typical composite floor system using profiled sheets is shown in Fig.2. There is presently no Indian standard covering the design of composite floor systems using profiled sheeting. Designing a reinforced concrete slab or pre-stressed concrete slab in composite

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