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laying floor tiles over old tiles

Can I Put a New Floor Over Asbestos Tiles?

In many cases, installing a new floor over the tiles encapsulates the asbestos fibers, and is an acceptable way to manage the material. That said, it can be difficult to get a level surface for the new floor, especially if the old tiles have chipped away.

How to Install Ceramic Tile over a Hardwood Floor | eHow

Floor tiles usually should be laid over a strong underlayment of cement board or treated plywood. Still, you may need to tile directly over an existing hardwood floor, for instance to avoid raising the floor level significantly relative to an adjacent floor. If so, make sure the floor is solid and well sealed.

Flooring Installation – Can I Install over Existing Floor?

If installing wood flooring over an existing wood floor, there are some extra precautions. First, you want to be sure you don't sand any surfaces containing lead based finishes/paints or asbestos. If this is not an issue, you can sand off the old finish and or high spots then prepare the flooring by making any repairs or replacements of loose ...

Can I tile over old tiles in my bathroom? Ask the experts ...

Can I tile over old tiles? The answer to this is simple: yes, but why would you? Tiling on top of old tiles means that any problems with the originals, such as becoming loose, will still be an issue with the new layer, while the extra thickness can also make it more difficult to accurately install fixtures and fittings.

Tile Installation: How to Tile Over Existing Tile (DIY)

Oct 09, 2020· If your old ceramic tile is worn or dated, you can lay new tile right over the old, and avoid the huge job of tearing out the old tile. In fact, pros do it all the time. But this assumes that the floor underneath is solid (concrete) and that there are no cracks in the existing tile …

Peel and stick tile over ceramic tile - The Silicon ...

Mar 13, 2021· The problem with peel and stick tile over ceramic tile is unevenness. The ceramic tiles have a bit of a curved edge, and the grout lays lower than the tiles themselves. Peel and stick vinyl tile likes to snuggle down into those curves, which means they won't lay flat.

Laminate Flooring Over Ceramic Tiles | BuildDirect® Blog

Oct 25, 2010· Removing a ceramic tile floor is hard work. Chipping away old tiles and mortar is extremely time consuming and labor intensive. If a laminate can be placed over a ceramic tile, the labor, and cost, of the installation is decreased dramatically. How to Install Laminate Flooring Over Tile Installation Precautions

LVT Flooring Over Existing Tile the Easy Way - Vinyl Floor ...

Apr 10, 2018· LVT Flooring – Why I chose it. So a few months ago, I wrote a post on how I cleaned the nasty ceramic tile I inherited when I bought my 1980's fixer upper, and while my cleaning method was highly effective at whitening grout lines and removing years of filth from the crevices in the tile, I have always had major beef with ceramic tile. Not only do I think it appears cold, sterile and a bit ...

Laying Wood Flooring Over Tile | Today's Homeowner

Donna asks, "We are thinking about replacing our tile floor in the kitchen. Is it possible to lay hardwood over an existing tile floor?"Yes, you can lay a wood floor over tile if the existing floor is in good shape and without cracks. I would suggest 3/8" thick, prefinished engineered hardwood flooring.

Can You Tile Over Tile? Solved! - Bob Vila

Take a cue from the blogger at Renov8or, who chose to lay crisp white subway tile over an old layer of beige squares in the kitchen simply by applying silicone adhesive to the back of each ...

Peel and Stick Floor Tile: 3 Things to Know Before Getting ...

Mar 20, 2017· There are plenty of pros to using peel-and-stick vinyl floor tile: It's affordable, comes in an array of colors and patterns that tend to resemble actual ceramic tile or hardwood, and it can be installed over many existing surfaces like linoleum, cutting down …

How to Prepare a Vinyl or Linoleum Floor for Ceramic Tile

So where feasible, it makes sense to install the new flooring directly over the old, without removing the old flooring. This isn't possible with every flooring material, but it's often possible to install ceramic, porcelain, or stone tile over resilient flooring, including standard sheet vinyl, vinyl tile, or linoleum.

Can You Tile Over Tile? Solved! - Bob Vila

Mar 07, 2017· Take a cue from the blogger at Renov8or, who chose to lay crisp white subway tile over an old layer of beige squares in the kitchen simply by applying silicone adhesive to the back of each ...

Installing Tile over Tile: Pros and Cons | Tile Wizards

How to Lay Laminate Wood Flooring Over Tile | Hunker

10 Most Common Mistakes When Laying Floor Tiles (And How ...

If you have old vinyl flooring that is suitable you can tile right over it. This is assuming that the floor is thick enough to support the tile. Look at the subfloor and determine how far apart the floor framing is. If the framing is 16 inches apart you should add 1-1/8 in thick cement board. If the floor framing is 24 inches apart the added ...

Luxury Vinyl Tile Over Existing Flooring- One Year Review

Apr 23, 2019· Over one year ago, I installed luxury vinyl tile directly over pre-existing ceramic tile flooring. Today, I am sharing my one year follow-up review of the product. The longer I live on this planet, the more I shy from taking risks (I think it has something to do with all of the trouble I encountered as a teenage daredevil).

How to Install New Ceramic Floor Tile on Top of Old ...

Dec 19, 2018· Ceramic tile offers a durable high-end floor finish, and in many cases, it's possible to install a tile new floor right over an old one. The condition of the existing tiles and the structural ...

Tiling Over Tiles | How to Tile Over Ceramic Wall and ...

Tiling Over Ceramic Tiles – How to Lay Tiles on top of Existing Wall and Floor Tiles. Tiling over tiles. How to tile over ceramic tiles and lay new tiles onto already tiled walls without needing to remove all of the exiting tiles. You will learn how to stagger the joints of the new tiles over the old, how to clean down existing tiled walls ...

How to Install Vinyl Plank Over Tile Floors | The Happy Housie

Sep 18, 2020· Today I'm sharing how we installed new vinyl plank floors over top of our existing ceramic tile flooring with just a few easy steps to ensure it was properly level. We used Golden Select Vinyl Plank in Smokey Barrel. When things suddenly and drastically changed this spring with the pandemic and our spring break holidays ... Read More about How to Install Vinyl Plank Over Tile Floors

Can You Install Hardwood Flooring Over Ceramic Tile?

Dec 09, 2015· Yes, you can install hardwood floors over ceramic tile, but with a few exceptions. Whenever you install hardwood flooring over any type of subfloor, you must ensure that it is completely level. If your ceramic tile has grout lines that give it texture, you will need to fill those in to make your flooring completely level.

Can You Tile Over Tiles? Tile On Existing Tiles | Beaumont ...

Especially if you're DIY tiling, simply laying your new tiles on the old tiles is a lot easier than the hard labour of pulling up your existing ones.. Not only that, it can be much cheaper too. For the DIYer, removing old tiles often means hiring specialist tools and machines.

Installing Tile over Tile: Pros and Cons | Tile Wizards

Installing tile over tile, however, does have some downsides also. These include the floor height, which can become an issue as it could make the tiled over floor become too high and possibly block doors or cupboards that are in line with the old flooring prior …

The 'Can I Install Laminate Flooring Over This?' Guide ...

Instead, take up all of the old laminate flooring. You may reuse the underlayment for your new floor, provided it's in good shape. Linoleum: Yes, provided the surface is flat and level (per our subfloor specifications) and the condition of the floor is good. You must use padding. LVT Floor (tiles or …

3 Ways to Tile over Tile - wikiHow

Mar 23, 2021· Check for loose tiles. Lightly tap on each old tile with a wood mallet. If the sound is solid, the tile is fine. If the sound seems hollow, the tile is loose and needs to be fixed. Chip away the old caulk or grout around the tile and use a crowbar to lift up the old tile.

Laying Vinyl Plank Flooring Over Existing Tiles | Tile Wizards

Removing old tiles when doing a floor or wall renovation can entail a high cost if you hire professional service. Although it can be quite a tough job, you can actually do it yourself. Read this Tile Wizards DIY guide on removing old tiling to help you get the job done right …READ MORE

Installing Vinyl Flooring Over Ceramic Tile - This Old House

Mar 26, 2020· Next, if the tile's joints are deep, you'll want regrout them to bring them flush with the tile so that the lines won't telegraph — show through — the vinyl floor. Once the tile is leveled off, your next step is to remove the toilet so that the floor can be laid under it, not cut around it.

How to Lay Tile Over a Tile Floor | Today's Homeowner

We just removed laminate over existing tile over a floor. We are wanting to install new tile over the existing tile, but have found that there are some hollow tile, and used filler to fill in the hollow tile. Our installer is afraid that the new tile will start popping once the it is glued to the old tile.

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