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Western Red Cedar decking When it comes to decking there is no better material than Western Red Cedar. In addition to its stunning beauty, distinct aroma, limitless versatility and light environmental footprint, Western Red Cedar has a set of natural characteristics that make it the ideal material for decks and other outdoor living projects.

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Cedar Decking. I used a combination of 18' and 20' western red cedar 2x6s for the decking. The longest width of the deck was 33'. I could have used a combination of 16' and 18' 2x6s to complete the span, but it is good practice (and looks better) to stagger the breaks in the cedar decking …

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NO. 2 AND BETTER Western Red Cedar Lumber is a knotty grade that meets appearance requirements. It has structural qualities however we do not grade for that. We buy an appearance grade cedar - still big hunkin beams that can hold some load but …

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Mar 27, 2021· Lesser Strength: Eastern white pine, ponderosa pine, western red cedar, and SPF have shorter span ratings. Pressure-treated or wood preservative doesn't affect the strength of wood, incising however does. Incising is the process of infusing …

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Dec 17, 2015· can i span 18ft plus 4 ft over hang with 8x8 western red cedar if i put a beam every 2 ft i want this to be a roof over one room, but support load for a outdoor deck Show More Show Less

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Thuja plicata, commonly called western red cedar or Pacific red cedar, giant arborvitae or western arborvitae, or just cedar, giant cedar, or shinglewood, is a species of Thuja, an evergreen coniferous tree in the cypress family Cupressaceae, native to western North America.It is not a true cedar …

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Span Tables. Spans for Western Red Cedar dimension lumber used as joists and rafters in residential and commercial structures are available from the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association, the Canadian Wood Council and the National Association of Home Builders. Please request publication The U.S Span Book for Canadian Lumber…

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This is due to the fact that Cedar is one of the softest wood decking options. For example, Western Red Cedar has a Janka hardness rating of 350. That rating is 10 times softer than Ipe and Cumaru. This rating proves that a Cedar deck boards offer a much shorter life span and require greater maintenance than those harder decking …

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Span Table and Common Dimensions. WRCLA Western Red Cedar decking is available in a selection of thicknesses, widths and lengths as shown in the table below. Maximum spans for decking shown in the table are based on a continuous beam with two equal spans and a concentrated load of 220-lb at the center of one span.

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Span Table and Common Dimensions. WRCLA Western Red Cedar decking is available in a selection of thicknesses, widths and lengths as shown in the table below. Maximum spans for decking shown in the table are based on a continuous beam with two equal spans and a concentrated load of 220-lb at the center of one span.

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Life span is easily more than 20 years. Disadvantages: Both are expensive. Redwood sapwood - the newer wood closer to the bark - rots when exposed for sustained periods to moisture. Cedar sapwood breaks down quickly in moist conditions. Availability: Redwood and cedar are sold in all standard dimensions. Cedar 5/4x6-in. deck …

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Two western red cedar stringers are glued and screwed from the underside. The two stringers are located 1-7/8" in from the end of the decking. Compatible with both 16" and 24" OC support spans. Unfinished wood product. Made in the USA. Approximately 36 …

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A cedar deck that gets an annual inspection, cleaning, sealing, and periodic board replacement could last 25 to 40 years or eve longer. The deck must be sanded periodically to remove any rough areas.

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Western Red Cedar is also known for their flared butt ends that offers a unique character to many log homes both inside and outside. If you like this type of look and feel for your home, western red cedar may be the best type of timber for your home. If you don't particularly like this look you can still use red cedar …

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Notes to the table above - - Adapted with permission from Best Practices Guide to Residential Construction.. 1. 40 lb. live load, 10 lb. dead load. Deflection allowed = span in inches / 360. 2. Western red cedar No. 1/No. 2, all other lumber graded as No. 2 or better.

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Dec 12, 2020· Span Tables For 8 X12 X24 Western Red Cedar This Pergola Contractor Talk Professional Construction And Remodeling Forum. ... Wood deck construction 2021 steel beam s install support lvl vs wood cedar deck designing and building a using western red structural integrity of fir 6x6 beams diy home improvement forum glulam beams. Related.

What is the maximum span for a 4 x 8 Western Cedar beam?

Sep 12, 2014· Sure. I building a pergola, timber framed style. I have 12' span and plan on using 6X6 timber western red cedar beams. My calculations is that such beams will handle 1200lbs each. or 2400lbs combined … read more

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Western red cedar decking makes a beautiful deck that will last. Cedar has unmatched natural beauty that can't be compared to other species or composites. Cedar is naturally resistant to decay and insects. Cedar is very dimensionally stable, to help reduce …

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Jun 21, 2016· Cedar deck board spacing should be 1/8 ... I was considering 1/4 inch spacing with new red cedar 2×6 planks. I still am as our previous yellow pine deck was spaced as such. It drained well and our son's wheelchair pushed easily over it. We get …

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WESTERN RED CEDAR Decking A deck made with Western Red Cedar, one of the world's most beautiful woods, is apt to be one of the best looking decks in the neighborhood. But Western Red Cedar decks have much more going for them than good looks alone. Extending living space to …

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The Titan post anchor is the most advanced hidden wood post anchoring system of its kind. The anchor is hidden within the post unlike unsightly bulky exterior metal post brackets. The future is here. See the Titan.

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WESTERN RED CEDAR. Western Red Cedar delivers amazing results and is unrivaled in many of its properties. It is highly regarded for its durability, coloring and appearance, resistance to decay, and weight. Western Red Cedar is very versatile and can be stained, treated to show off its natural luster or left to weather to a beautiful silvery grey.


Maximum spans for decking need to be taken into account when designing a decking that is specified to use Western Red Cedar. Maximum spans for decking shown below are based on a continuous beam with two equal spans and a concentrated load of 220 lb at the center of one span.

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information on Western lumber end uses to lumber buyers throughout the world, and publishes a variety of statistical reports on Western lumber production, distribution and consumption. The Member companies of WWPA support the many programs that assist buyers in specifying and using Western lumber prod-ucts.

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Apr 21, 2015· Western red cedar decking specifications real yellow pine framing faq what are the beam spans for a pergola realcedar you footings can be sized based on beam and joist spans rather than kayu exotic hardwood vs western red cedar softwood kayu exotic hardwood vs western red cedar …

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5/4 x 6″ Western Red Cedar Decking In Stock: 6 foot long: 350 pieces. 8 foot long: 50 pieces. 12 foot long: 120 pieces. 14 foot long: 40 pieces. 16 foot long: 90 pieces. 2×2, 2×4, 2×6, 4×4 Western Red Cedar: Please call for price and availability: (585)

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Spacing your cedar decking correctly will allow the deck to dry more quickly after wet weather and allow room for swelling that may occur because of damp conditions. Spacing the Boards Wood is a porous material and as such has a tendency to absorb moisture …

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